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Two Wheeler Insurance

Bike Insurance is a safety plan that protects bike owners from any liability to third parties, arising due to the usage of two-wheelers. A Bike two wheeler Insurance policy is a contract in which an insurance firm covers the financial aspects related to any loss or damage to a bike.
Motor Two Wheelers Third Party liability is mandatory to everyone owning two-wheelers, under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Two wheeler Insurance covers you financially when accidents cause damage to the vehicle by paying for the repairs. It minimises the blow either for Natural Calamity Cover or Personal/Third Party Cover as well.

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Driving your bike without Insurance is a punishable offence in the eyes of the law. Two wheeler Insurance is mandatory in India and is proven to be very beneficial as well.

Natural Calamity Coverage

Earthquakes and floods are less frequent; still, it is something that your bike insurance policy covers. If you become a victim to uncertainties, one can always seek a claim for the damages under the bike insurance policy.

Third-Party Coverage

A third party is also known as ‘act only’ insurance and is compulsory for everybody under two wheeler insurance. It is a bike insurance cover in which the two-wheeler insurance firm covers damage to the third party, the insured bike and person is protected from the legal obligations towards the third party.

Personal Coverage

The bike insurance policy also covers the owner and will compensate in case of injuries due to bike accidents. The person can use the money, the amount of bike insurance claim can differ under different circumstances.

Mandatory by Law

Law is the prime leading authority and can abide by the citizens. The bike insurance policy is a mandatory aspect of Indian law. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle owner has to have at least a third-party two-wheeler insurance cover.

Financial Cover

Any accident that occurs creates havoc and damage to people’s lives and the vehicle as well. The financial coverage accompanying a bike insurance policy is a safety net for the policyholder. Any damage to your vehicle in an accident will not break you financially.

Coverage from man-made disasters

Man-made disasters like theft, robbery, riot, strike, terrorist activity, damage in the transit by road, rail, lift or elevator, is covered under the coverage of bike insurance claims from man-made disasters.


Documentation record is the base of the bike insurance online. List of documents needed are:

  • Proof of identity ( Ration card/ voter id, Driving licence/ passport)
  • Registration certificate of the bike
  • Old policy number for NCB, if have.
  • Proof of address ( voter’s ID card/passport/Aadhaar)